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Bioinformatics Epidemiology GIS Malaria & other VBDs Medical Entomologist Modelling Parasitology Population Genetics Spatial analysis Vector Control

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Amharic Engilsh Oromo

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Past Experirence

My early career started with academia life (upon request, I can provide my most recent CV), and in nutshell, the listed evidence basically attest to that fact.

  1. Docroral researcher on malaria
  2. Asistant professor of mediacal prasitology
  3. Lecturer of mediacal prasitology
  4. Assitant lecturer
  5. Graduate asisant i and II
  6. Technicah asistant I and II


Some of my Publications:

1. Abdissa Biruksew, Ashenafi Demeke, Zewdie Birhanu, Estifanos Kebede, Lemu Golassa, Evans
Mantiri Mathebula
&Delenasaw Yewhalaw. Diagnostic performance of NxTek Eliminates MalariaPf test for the detection of Plasmodium falciparum in school children with asymptomatic malaria. M
alar J
22, 112 (2023).
Beka R. Abagero, Daniel Kepple, Kareen Pestana, Logan Witherspoon, Abdissa Biruksew, Abinet
Adanew, Fetiya Baharu, Shantoy Hansel, Karen Lopez,
Daniel A. Janies, Eugenia Lo and Delenasaw
.Low-Density Plasmodium Infections and G6PD Deficiency Among Malaria Suspected
Febrile Individuals in Ethiopia. Front Trop Dis. 2022;3:966930. doi: 10.3389/fitd.2022.966930
Mio Ayana Piet Cools Zeleke Mekonnen Abdissa Biruksew Daniel Dana Nour Rashwan Roger
Prichard Johnny Vlaminck Jaco J Verweij Bruno Levecke(2019
).”Comparison of four DNA extraction
and three preservation protocols for the molecular detection and quantification of soil-transmitted
helminths in the stool
.” PLoS neglected tropical diseases 13(10): e0007778-e0007778.
Abdissa Biruksew Ahmed Zeynudin Yonas Alemu Lemu Golassa Moti Yohannes Asfaw Debella Gem
e Urge Bart De Spiegeleer Sultan Suleman
(2018).“Zingiber Officinale Roscoe and Echinops
Kebericho Mesfin Showed Antiplasmodial Activities against Plasmodium Berghei in a Dosedependent Manner in Ethiopia
Ethiopian journal of health sciences 28(5): 655.
Yonas Alemu Zeleke Mekonnen Ahmed Zeynudin Moti Yohannes Abdissa Biruksew Sultan
(2018). Anti-schistosomal activities of Echinops kebericho Mesfin root and Hagenia
abyssinica (Bruce) JF Gmel flower part crude extracts in Swiss albino mice
. Asian Pacific Journal of
Tropical Medicine 2018
; 11(10): 570-575.
Seble Seifu Ahmed Zeynudin Endalew Zemene Sultan Sulemanc Abdissa Biruksew(2017). Therapeu
tic efficacy of chloroquine for the treatment of Plasmodium vivax malaria among outpatients at
Shawa Robit Health Care Centre, North-East Ethiopia
. Acta Tropica 171: 44-51.
Zeleke Mekonnen Sultan Suleman Abdissa Biruksew Tamirat Tefera Legese Chelkeba(2016).” Intesti
nal polyparasitism with special emphasis to soil-transmitted helminths among residents around
Gilgel Gibe Dam, Southwest Ethiopia: a community-based survey.
BMC public health 16(1): 1185.
Mesfin Assefa Teferi Eshetu Abdissa Biruksew(2015).” Therapeutic efficacy of chloroquine for the
treatment of Plasmodium vivax malaria among outpatients at Hossana Health Care Centre,
southern Ethiopia.
Malaria Journal 14(1): 458.
Ashebir Lakew Gebre Kibru & Abdissa Biruksew(2015).” Prevalence of intestinal parasites among
street beggars in Jimma town, Southwest Ethiopia
.” Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease 5:
Habtamu Ketemaa Abdissa Biruksew Zeleke Mekonnen(2015).” Prevalence of Necator americanus
infection and risk factors among school-age children in Mirab Abaya District, South Ethiopia
.” Asian
Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease
5(5): 363-368