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About Us  - Who We Are

The African Gene Drive for Vector Control network is a community of individuals and organisations interested in the applications of gene drive technologies for public health. The goal of the network is to promote awareness raising, sharing of good practice, promotion of African led research and community engagement in order to ensure that both expert and non-expert stakeholders have access to information about the basic science, latest research, developments and implications of gene drive deployment as a potential tool for vector control in Africa.

We believe that by facilitating evidence based information sharing and dialogue on the potential uses and pitfalls of gene drive for public health, African stakeholders, as the main beneficiaries of this new technology, will be better equipped to make informed decisions about its value and suitability for African settings.


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Principes and application for mosquito vector control

The World Health Organization (WHO) has certified Cabo Verde as a malaria-free country, marking a significant achievement in global health. With this...

A journal on Mosquito control by abatement programmes in United States: Perspectives and lessons for Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Find link belo...

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