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Engilsh Hausa

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Work on malaria vector control, particularly interested funtionally characterizing insecticide resistance mechanisms in malaria vectors.

Ares of special interest include functional genomics, chemistry of insecticides and their characterizations, functional characterization of candidate genes using heterologous enzyme/protein expressions, transgenic flies



Past Experirence


With a background in Biochemistry and Biotechnology in my Bachelor's and masters degrees respectively, I obtained a PhD recently from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine with special interest in characterizing the association of environmental pollution and insecticide resistance in Nigeria. I was able to generate data through various experiments including intensive field collection of mosquitoes, experiments in the insectary with laboratory strains of Anopheles. Others include the molecular biology components which involved RNASeq, heterologous expression of proteins, transgenesis in Drosophila, in addition to other basic laboratory routines like cloning, quantitative PCR and so on.

I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine saddled with the responsibility of functional characterization of candidate resistant genes identified through Next generation sequencing and so on