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My name's Achaz Agolinou, I'm PhD student in Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering. I'm Beninese living in Burkina-Faso and I'm interest in novel technology of genetic control of vectors that transmit Malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.

Past Experirence

I did the Bachelor degree in Biochemistry. It was at This step my first contact with the vectors that transmit diseases, where I have defenced my thesis on the resistance of the mosquitoes against insecticide. After that, I worked on project in Entomological Research Centre of Cotonou were my responsibility was prospecting Anopheles breeding sites, rearing the larvae and the adults at the insectary and carrying WHO cone tests and molecular test on the adults. On other hand, I was working for MoH on molecular Diagnostic of hemorrhagic fever such as Dengue, Lassa,Ebola.  For my Master degree, I was registered at the African Centre of Excellence (ACE-ITECH/MTV), where I developped  a molecular model to study a specific gene (SIFamide) function in Anopheles gambia olfactory system. Currently for my PhD, I'm trying to better understand the molecular processes that support the transmission of the malaria in the Anopheles funestus with the aims to develop innovative genetic control tools to support fight against malaria disease.


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