PAMCA Chapters

Chapter Formation

The purpose for the formation of PAMCA country chapters is to enable PAMCA achieve its mandate and its vision of providing leadership, information, and education in Africa at all levels and thereby lead to the improvement of health and quality of life through the suppression of mosquitoes and other arbo-viruses.

However, for a country in Africa to be considered as a PAMCA Chapter it must meet various requirements including but not limited to:

  • A country will only qualify to be considered for invitation/application to form a country chapter if it has more than 15 registered PAMCA members in that country. Thereafter the country is expected to increase and maintain their members to between 50 and 100 members.
  • The country chapters will bear the Name “PAMCA-Country Chapter” e.g. PAMCA-Kenya etc
  • The PAMCA Country Chapter will adopt and customize the Mother PAMCA-Africa constitution. Certain variations may be adapted to meet the needs of the local logistical and governing regulations in the country of jurisdiction (Semi-autonomy)
  • Each Chapter will adopt the same structure of management as PAMCA –Africa and governed as such (chairperson, Secretary, organizing Secretary, Treasurer, etc)

Country Chapter Membership

As with the PAMCA-Africa, the membership to the country PAMCA chapters will open to individuals and institution working or interested in mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases (and other vectors) including but not limited to researches, academics, students, public employees, private employees, industry employees and institutions/companies in the host country.

The Country chapter membership and relation with PAMCA-Africa will be guided by the following regulations:

  1. The Country PAMCA chapter will have authority to recruit members for the local chapter and regulations/rules regarding qualification to be a members and membership categories (In line with PAMCA Africa constitution)
  2. The PAMCA country chapter will submit 40% of its registered members fee to PAMCA each year. The Country PAMCA chapter office will retain 60% of the registered members’ fees.
  3. Registered members of the PAMCA country chapters will be considered as full members of PAMCA and enjoy privileges and rights of PAMCA as outlined in PAMCA Constitution
  4. Local institutions and individual members may apply directly to PAMCA-Africa

Country Chapters

Chapter Mandates and Activities

  • Each PAMCA Country chapter will adopt and customized the PAMCA constitution in their country of jurisdiction
  • A country PAMCA chapter may apply to host/hold the Annual PAMCA conference
  • A country chapter has to renew their membership suscription on annual basis
  • A country chapter may cease to exist if their membership falls below the minimum number required for a chapter and also if they they fail to renew their membership