Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is at the core of PAMCA’s existential mission and vision. PAMCA recognises the significance of knowledge generation, and information dissemination for promoting scientific utility in shaping best practices. It seeks to enhance and standardize knowledge and information management systems among institutions and collaborating partners.

To achieve this PAMCA will seek to:

  • Coordinate the development of, and access to standard operating procedure and tools for data collection, data handling and manipulation, exploratory analyses and descriptions, data dashboards that foster ease of utilisation and dissemination of data for enhanced evidence-based decision making.
  • Work with NMCPs, research institutions and other organisations active in entomological surveillance (WHO, PMI, NGOs, etc.) to standardize entomological data collection tools and systems and improve the use of entomological surveillance data for targeted monitoring and evaluation of vector-borne disease management and control interventions.
  • Develop and implement initiatives to attract, train, nurture and retain aspiring young public health entomologists to sustainably respond to future needs of vector-borne disease management and control in Africa.
  • Mobilise public health entomologists and allied professionals within and without Africa to attend PAMCA’s annual conference to share knowledge, build partnerships, engender collaboration and create a growing pool of experts to support vector-borne disease interventions in Africa.
  • Establish collaborative agreements for data sharing and capacity-strengthening between NMCPs/MoHs and local research institutions while developing mechanisms to monitor data use for decision-making at NMCPs/MoHs level.
  • Establish linkages with partners with established and relevant platforms such as VectorBase, MAP, and MalariaGEN to develop a structured system for hosting entomological data and designing tools and strategies for public access and dissemination of these data on PAMCA-managed platforms or other platforms jointly administered by PAMCA and its partners.